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Marilyn Price - One Of A Kind
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Marilyn Price - One Of A Kind
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Marilyn Price weaves a finely crafted performance filled with storytelling, puppetry and wisdom.  Her workshops range from hands on creativity sessions to listening skills and leadership development to sessions that are designed to suit the clients needs.

From traditional folktales to original works, Marilyn captivates audiences of all ages. Her stories are carefully selected, and told with irresistible wit and detail deserving of the story and the audience. Combining entertainment with some of life's most treasured values, this nationally acclaimed storyteller, educator and puppeteer inspires her audiences to open their minds and their hearts.

Her puppets – an art form themselves – have drawn praise from her peers, although she often amazes audiences by animating common objects, anything from household cleaning supplies to carryout food packaging. As a teacher, historian, craftsman or entertainer, the result is always the same: Marilyn moves her hands, tells the story and the audience comes to life!

Marilyn is currently the president of TriBraining Inc where she has been privileged to bring her work as a storyteller/puppeteer to enhance the arts effects for the classroom and experiential educator to a changing community and to reach the entire class of learners.

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