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Grandma’s Cookies
The search for a missing ingredient makes this a creative and loving journey for families to share together. The author and puppet creator uses everyday objects to bring the story to life. Here the puppets tell a loving story of a king on a special quest that is sure to resonate with kids of all ages.

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Marilyn Price

is an elegant little 16 page book,
giving simple instructions and colorful examples and ideas for seven different puppet-making projects using readily-available materials.

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Marilyn Price & Friends present the Alphabet from Alef to Tav A Hebrew Reading Readiness Adventure
In this fanciful Hebrew pre-primer, renowned puppeteer Marilyn Price introduces the "letter of the week"
with clever finger and hand puppets made from everyday household objects. Each lesson begins with a vibrant color photograph of a letter puppet that children can easily recreate at home with their parents. Engaging, age-appropriate exercises then help students review ALEF Curriculum letters and vocabulary, drill letter discrimination and practice writing the new letter.  And—for the first time ever in a Hebrew pre-primer—students are introduced to vowels and final version letters.

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They told her their stories and
she listened to help create these booklets:
Who Is Sylvia?  
The life story of Sylvia Green Simon and her triumph over the depression and its subsequent family adversity. Her stylish career brought her from New York City to Geneva, Illinois to settle and make a difference in this suburban community.

Above The Store 
An early twentieth century saga of a pioneer Jewish family in Naperville, Illinois and how their position ABOVE THE STORE helped them to create the town that it has become.

Off The Farm
Completes the package. All booklets focusing on the amazing and important contributions these valued driven women made to their families and communities.